Sponsors & Exhibitors

Orbis Technologies
Website:  www.orbistechnologies.com

Orbis Technologies provides top-notched semantic applications and highly specialized cloud analytics.  We deliver enterprise big data solutions in Hadoop, technology and services to help organizations optimize their data as a strategic and cost-effective resource.  Our engineering team has expertise in cloud software development and data systems integration across legacy and virtual cloud environments.

PricewaterhouseCoopers Public Sector LLP
Website:  www.pwc.com/publicsector

PwC's Public Sector Practice provides CBP with a dedicated team of professionals who understand the complexities and challenges of CBP’s operational and strategic needs to meet its law enforcement and public safety missions. Our advisors have experience helping DHS and its components resolve challenging issues and prepare for future needs through our demonstrated approaches and proven methodologies. To find out more, visit: www.pwc.com/publicsector

Technical Innovation
Website:  www.Technical-Innovation.com

Technical Innovation delivers state of the art turn-key design-build advanced visualization solutions. The Federal Solutions Group provides signal processing, secure VTC, control systems, and JITC approved solutions to mission critical environments within the federal intelligence community. As an experienced integrator, our products and solutions are used in command and control applications and other collaborative communications within tactical operation centers allowing the instantaneous dissemination of critical data to enhance situational awareness.

Website:  http://sdlgov.com/

Volume, Velocity and Variety of data, multiplied by the number of languages required to protect USG interests, have transformed Government Big Data challenges into Government Big Language™ challenges. SDLGov provides secure, on-premise, behind the firewall language translation technology solutions for Government Big Data, including informal Arabic for social media exploitation.


LexisNexis® Investigative Solutions help increase the likelihood of successful and safe encounters in the field by providing immediate access to accurate identity information, including background, asset and location information including cell phone carriers, social media activity, and non-obvious associations. LexisNexis® supplements traditional investigative methods and is uniquely positioned to help agencies identify, aggregate and analyze law enforcement data to drive action using analytics and comprehensive data sources. With data accuracy of 99.8%, you can reduce time wasted following stale or bad leads caused by redundant or inaccurate data and get alerts when new information is available or when others are investigating or tracking the same subject.

Whether you’re looking for new leads to keep a case moving forward or opening a cold case and looking for possible locations for “off the grid” subjects, accurate data, unique sources and exclusive investigative tools from LexisNexis will help you increase your case clearance rate and close cases faster.