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 Doyel Shamley
Doyel Shamley CEO Veritas Research Consulting
Decorated Combat Veteran of the U.S. Army.  CEO, Veritas Research Consulting. Vice-Chairman Arizona Prescriptive Fire Council and seated member of BLM inter-disciplinary team on pipeline proposals in Arizoan.  Has provided key testimony for U.S. Congressional Committees, data analysis to U.S. Senate and House members, Key and Lead presenter to multiple western states’ legislatures on issues of economic security, natural resource utilization and the associated socio-economic impacts.  Special research assignment for AZ Senate Study on Resource Utilization and impacts to local governments ability to successfully foster said operations, along with the existing inter-governmental jurisdictional boundaries.  Integrated data and testimony provided for the Horseshoe II and Monument Wildfires, directly tied to illegal immigration elements.